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Helping people heal from within, find relief from their mental, physical, and emotional pain.


Be empowered to live a better life with clarity, confidence, and self-trust.

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At Heal Yourself Within, we are here to help you release limiting beliefs. Discover, release, and reframe outdated, recycled, limiting beliefs so that you can be free from the pain. Step into your own light and shine your authentic you.

Our dedicated team with decades of experience will guide you through the services and programs we offer.


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Success Stories

It was very healing. I released a lot of emotions I didn’t think I was holding on to. Wendy offered a safe and compassionate space for me.
I feel more empowered, surrendered and accepting of other people’s actions. I don’t take it as personally."


“I had my session about two weeks ago and I haven't experienced any of the chronic pain that has plague me in the past. I'm actually pain-free and my energy level has improved tremendously. Wendy you helped me transform my life and I am extremely grateful.”


“My experience was powerful. Prior to my transformational therapy, I had a block to fully trust my intuition. I would overthink or question myself.
I love your calm pace. I was able to really find the root cause of my problem and get a lot of understanding.
After a week of listening to the audio recording you made for me, I feel more in tune with my intuition. I definitely trust more my intuition and to an extend myself.

The pace of the audio is perfect and it is beautiful!
I do recommend anyone to work with you. I really appreciated the openness regarding the session and the patience you had."


I approached Laura to help me with my debt and money issues, which I knew started during childhood. I knew she would be able to find out what was going wrong and help me reprogram at a deep level. What I didn’t expect was to feel such a big shift so soon. During the session, I felt much more in control and relaxed about my financial situation. Since then I have changed the way I see money and I have stopped being so careless with it, which I didn’t even see before! Now, if I don’t have any funds available but I want something, I’ll wait. And I’m finding ways to make my business more profitable without killing myself working. I had no idea that this kind of self-sabotage is so easily curable. Laura has all the skills to fix issues like this from the inside. In fact, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. What she’s doing is unlike anything else.   

Jessie, Spain