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"I went to see Wendy because I was having problems with marketing.  I hadn't got the confidence to put myself out there because of this I was procrastinating. I wouldn't show up on social media.  I found it difficult to put content together. Basically to market myself.  I was hiding away doing other things in my business.

Wendy's voice is calming and relaxing.  She speaks clearly and slowly. I would recommend anyone to see Wendy.  She is such a professional.  She makes you feel relaxed.  She listens to your needs. She really understands what it is you want and need. Wendy did an amazing session.  She really understood my needs.  I loved the audio she did for me.  It really resonated with me and I listened to it for 21 days. 

I find that I am more confident. I am busy putting together my website.  I am putting together programs and I'm really enjoying it.

The session was wonderful.  Thanks again Wendy.  You are an amazing therapist."


Laura is a very deep and esoteric thinker, whose soul’s  evolution is evident in and through her person.  This experience is shared with you with calm wisdom and skill.  Laura is fully present and fully prepared for your session, based on her inquiry and intake information requested from you prior. She is patient and comforting. Her voice is soothing and relaxing. The feeling after a hypnotherapy session with Laura is not easy to describe because it is subliminal, but there is a feeling of lightness in your spirit and the issues and attitudes that once dictated your thinking and reactions are either gone or dramatically reduced, and seem to improve more over the days and weeks following. There is a shift. And a noticeable improvement in your well being. Just from one session. Highly recommend as a means to quickly and permanently address and heal the various “life hurts” that affect us all. 



I didn’t have many expectations when I had a session with Laura.  The night before, there were some issues coming up, that I had hoped to resolve.   Mostly, I was just hoping for a pleasant experience.  
I was surprised and blown away by the session and the work that we did together!   I am trained as a hypnotherapist myself.   I have done hypnotherapy in the past and even worked with the therapist who trained Tony Robins.   I can honestly say, Laura is the best by far! 
Until my session with Laura, I was never able to “visualize” or “pull up a memory” .   This was never really an issue and we always bypassed it.   But, Laura was able to coax my subconscious to remember “core” events that shaped my reality.   I believe her effectiveness is part to do superior skill and training (better than my own training…lol) and part due to the fact that she holds a beautiful space of loving kindness.   I felt incredibly safe with her.    I had no problem sharing things that I felt shame about before our session.  
What I REALLY loved was how she was able to help me, not just re-wire my brain, and dissolve a major issue that I have been working on for years.  But, she really helped me LEARN!!   I believe that when issues come up for us over and over again.  It is because we are meant to learn something, not just “clear it"  (which I tried to do so many times)  The reason the issue finally resolved, after all of my years of “working on it” was because for the first time,  I LEARNED!!   I learned, how the pattern started, and most importantly, and I developed a greater sense of self awareness and self-compassion.   I think most of our unwanted patterns start as a way of self-protection and coping skills from childhood.   I could see the brilliance and beauty in that, but I now have the freedom and power to direct that energy into my true goals and desires.  
Before my session with Laura, I had heard that “our triggers are our treasures”, but I was unsure of how to turn the trigger into a treasure or how to learn the lesson, so I cold move on.    With Laura’s loving help wisdom and guidance, I was able to turn my blocks into fuel to manifest my dreams.
I am deeply grateful Laura.  I can’t thank you enough for changing my life!   


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Marla McRay 

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you Wendy. I am a fifty year old child abuse survivor and I have been chronically ill since I was 5 years old. You hypnotized me for a headache and what came up was that I had a lot of repressed anger that I expressed with pain and sickness in my body. These things were buried so deep in my subconscious that I was not even aware of them but you pulled it out of me. Your degree of professionalism, patience, and insight can't be matched. Everyone knows when a star is born and I predict that you will rise to the top of the hypnotherapy field in record time.


I’ve been depressed for a while due to poor decisions. I’ve been lonely and single for 5 years. I’m 32 and live with my dad which is depressing in itself. I got here being an addict and just rebuilding my life. Things felt like they were going good as I got my AS in alcohol and drug studies to be a drug counselor and found somewhat of a dream job working with teenage boys at a rehab. Money became an issue as I was never given a raise or given acknowledgment for my good work by my employer and it didn’t bother me at first, but over time it ate at me and I lost motivation. I have had trouble meeting or connecting with females and I found through the session that I desire to fall in love more than anything in the world and so this over time brought back depression. I was offered $9k to drive for what is probably a cartel in Mexico and I was stopped at the border and they found 50kilos of meth in the car (I had no idea what was in the car). I’m facing about 4 years of prison time- that could only come with confession and telling them everything about my experience which puts me and my family in danger. Otherwise I’d face 10 years. So, being underpaid, living with my dad at 32 with no sight of a female in my life and feeling like there was no way out, this made me extremely depressed. I found a Facebook group of like-minded people spiritually and I reached out there for help. Laura reached out to me offering her services. I felt an amazing sense of relief and felt so much better about myself afterward. I unfortunately didn’t follow through with all recommendations but I feel it still helped me tremendously. I have met a couple girls and one of them I really like and connected with. I found two jobs for the meantime while I await trial. I have a sense of being ok with whatever the outcome is. I would highly recommend Laura’s services to someone who feels they need a breakthrough mentally, emotionally or spiritually. She has a heart of gold and genuinely cares about others. She heard my story and offered her services for free and spent what I imagine hours helping me. I’m forever grateful ️ 



Hi Wendy!


It's been months since my session, and I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed listening to your recording before i fall asleep every night. I took a break before because I was feeling resistance, but now I'm slowly starting to believe I am loveable, I deserve the best in a relationship, and this will happen for me.


"I had the pleasure of working with Laura for a cycle of habits I was having a difficult time breaking. I was very conscious of the self-sabotage I was engaging in, but was unable to see the blocks that were at the root of my issue. I've dealt with this for many years, always knowing what I needed to do to move forward and follow through with my goals, however, I couldn't bring myself to ever do them. I felt like no matter what I tried, there was always some type of block holding me back from success and moving forward. This had been a source of deep discouragement, frustration and confusion for so long-- feeling stuck, afraid to be seen, afraid of success, and afraid of my own power.

Through Laura's empathic and intuitive guidance, I was able to uncover the roots of why I had been unable to push through the blocks and break that cycle. I was able to see how the blocks formed in the first place and understand what purpose they were serving in my life and right then and there, with Laura's help, I transformed and transmuted the block to allow myself to move forward with confidence, peace, and knowing of my potential.

The entire time, I felt safe, heard, and supported as we uncovered and peeled back the layers that were clouding my vision and purpose. I feel lighter, more at peace and excited for this new chapter as I navigate my life, integrating and embodying the changes I am making!"

Sue Ellen


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